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Post subject: A few new dittys....
PostPosted: 18:42 on 17th Mar 2010

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In Chittagong we tried to come up with a few new numbers for the debutants with a varying degree of success..... for what its worth and for your constructive feedback......

Tim Bresnan..... (to Those were the days my friend)

We've had a garlic Nan ,
We've had a butter Nan ,
We've had a plain , we've had a Keema too,
But our favourite Nan
Is Tim BresNan
and all because
Oh Timmy we love you .......

Steven Finn .......(to Manfred Manns, Mighty Quinn)

He swings in out
Comes steaming in
He's gunna knock em over
He's Steven Finn !!

Michael Carberry......(to Celery , Celery OR ...Wembley , Wembley we're the famous AFC Bournemouth and we're going to Wembley...well once!!)

Carberry Carberry
He's a mode of transport and a little piece of fruit
Carberry Carberry........

OK the standard is not high and as always feel free to provide alternatives/improvements.

....and as covered in other threads whether you choose to join in the singing all the time , occasionally or never we're all here having a great time embracing this fantastic country and supporting the guys on the field .

Come on the 'Land !!
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Post subject: Re: A few new dittys....
PostPosted: 19:04 on 25th Mar 2010

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The Bresnan song seems to have caught on!
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