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Post subject: Re: SCG?
PostPosted: 19:15 on 25th Jan 2011

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Richhufc Wrote:
Crouchy Wrote:
Huey, what's your favourite? You've been to a fair few around the world.

I bet he doesn't say the Wankhede.....

Groan, now I won't get a sensible answer...
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Welsh Dan
Post subject: Re: SCG?
PostPosted: 10:46 on 13th Feb 2011

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Certainly the worst ground I've been to, especially given the lack of pass outs and the fact that, of the 7 gates, only 2 are for the public.

Adelaide and Hobart are my favourite Australian grounds, possibly Galle would be my favourite worldwide.

Melbourne ain't great, I'd put that about three-quarters of the way down my list, but at least you can do things there without queueing. New stand at SCG has improved facilities slightly, albeit at the cost of aesthetics given it seems to be of the standard Melbourne/Brisbane design.

Everyone waxes lyrical about the SCG when they are in the members or media areas, but the rest of the ground is a bit of a hole in my opinion. There was even a journalist the day after the test writing that the SCG was the best ground in the world - mind you, this seemed to be solely on the basis it was better than the MCG, so perhaps those were the only 2 she had been to.

The SCG seems to be designed around looking pretty on television and for the privileged few who get to see the nice bits up close, but this seems to come at the expense of terrible functionality for everyone else.

Of course, there are some who would suggest that in this respect the cricket ground is merely a reflection of Sydney itself....
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Nott'm Matt
Post subject: Re: SCG?
PostPosted: 15:56 on 21st Feb 2011

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I couldn't agree more. After not missing a session of the whole series the S.C.G was by far the worst set up. The pass out situation was just crazy. The design of the new stand in place of the old hill was just crazy too. There was not enough room for people to get to and away from thier seats. The queues for the food got in the way causing a very confusing situation. Also there was times when i would wait to take my seat at the top of the aisle the police and stewars alike would tell me to get a move on during an over.

Not good at all.

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