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Huey Lad
Post subject: Re: County Championship
PostPosted: 08:16 on 16th Sep 2011

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Big Harvey Wrote:
After a nerve-shredding couple of weeks, Middlesex finally and deservedly clinched the Division 2 title. Leicestershire certainly made us sweat though! If they'd played like that all season, no way would they have finished bottom.

If it had rained continuously from April 12th until this morning Leicestershire would have finished the season on 65 points. We actually finished on 88.

The players are too busy getting excited about flying business class this morning to give a fuck though.
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Post subject: Re: County Championship
PostPosted: 13:26 on 16th Sep 2011

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Big Harvey Wrote:
blueandy1mac Wrote:
Final word, the afore mentioned Marks, not only did he continually disparage Lancs today, he disgraced himself completely for trying to vindicate the slow over rates which would be bowled and therefor prevent Lancs winning purely by lack of opportunity - before a 2nd inns bowl had been bowled.
After thankfully only minor examples of this behaviour was actually seen, he moved on to agonising about anything and everything he could, all dedicated to ways to which Somerset could prevent Lancs winning, never once Somerset winning.
Obviously Mr Marks and Lancs have histoty, added to the fact it was his former club, maybe next time the Beeb can provide someone with impartial insight, not this bigotted a..hole.

I was under the impression that on the final day of a CC match, the minimum number of overs had to be bowled regardless of how slow the over-rate. Slow over rates can also land you with point deductions.

Completely correct as usual Harvey. The point was that Lancs had rattled through their overs at an extraordinary rate (BY TODAY'S STANDARDS) and that by the time our 2nd Inns started there were I think a min 28overs left, including the mandatory 16 in the last hour. The innings started about 3.05pm, at which point the illustrious Marks was attempting to justify Somerset only bowling the 12 overs required before 4.30.
To their credit Somerset actually bowled 29 and there was 5 overs remaining, playing to the spirit of the game. Its not difficult to see why Marks failed to attract honours in the game, oh that and his limited ability.
I forgot, a Lancastrian by the name of M Vaughan 'tweeted' Marks to agree Somerset would only bowl what they had to, no more. Thank God these two are only in the commentary box and not influencing the game - oh s..t thet are are'nt they. No wonder kids today have lost the meaning of sportsmanship with these exponents of the noble game.
Rant over, sorry.
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Post subject: Re: County Championship
PostPosted: 14:46 on 16th Sep 2011

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Congratulations lancashire and all their fans, including my ooh man who will be seventy this year and is over the moon as it is the first time they,ve won it outright in his lifetime.
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