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Post subject: Re: Hikkaduwa
PostPosted: 12:26 on 2nd Oct 2012

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spursmark Wrote:
blueandy1mac Wrote:
Some times you wish they could mate. Watched it 'live' here and was absolutely astounded by that decision, particularly after he'd got it completely wrong last week in the Dippers/Rags game. Not sure he has attained the same level of performance since his illness and as far as I know his wife is still not well so that can't be helpful either.
What is really galling is that he wo'nt be pulled (rested) and no-one is prepared to say we need to look at his performance level. Do'nt need to hang him out to dry, but he has to be accountable.
Really difficult to get the games live now, Sky have been round all the boozers in Preston and warned them all off showing the Sat 3pm games. For those of us who actually attend home matches its not that big a deal, but all the Teletext Rags are having massive withdrawal problems. :lol:

Andy show all the 3pm games on a saturday (live) hope that helps anyone out, its mainly Foxsports and Al Jazeera tv but its live and free and in English...

Thanks Mark, its not so much the games when I'm at home, I can usually get the away games fairly easily. Its when we want to watch them as a group in Preston, theres quite a few of us who attend home matches but do'nt get away tx. its been quite a job to find 'live' matches of late although we did manage it this week. Whats the situation like in other areas ?
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