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Cuthbert Rizla
PostPosted: 11:11 on 29th Aug 2012

Joined: 20:14 on 21st Mar 2012
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Has the Ageas Bowl been re-named because it takes bloody ages to get into the ground ?
Thinking that arriving at the Park and Ride an hour before the start would give us plenty of time it actually took nearly two hours to get from the M27 motorway junction to our seats.
Zero traffic management meant traffic was dangerously backed up well onto the motorway,hundreds of cars funnelling into a single roundabout and left to fight their way through the usual traffic, not a single police officer or steward anywhere in sight to alleviate what became a total nightmare.
And then even though hundreds of people missed the first hour of play not a single word of apology or acknowledgement from Hampshire Cricket Club over the loudspeakers even though the broadcasters were mentioning it on air.
I know there have always been logistical problems associated with the position of Hampshire's ground but the organisation yesterday was just amateurish.
If they can't get it sorted with a crowd of 15,000 what is gong to happen when the ground capacity is increased to 25,000 ?
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