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Post subject: Tests
PostPosted: 17:56 on 7th Dec 2011

Joined: 17:02 on 3rd Aug 2008
Posts: 190
Never been to NZ before, gonna try & get out there for the tests. Anyone have a rough idea of possible dates/venues.


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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 18:53 on 7th Dec 2011

Joined: 16:03 on 29th Sep 2009
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Location: Manchester-cum-Hong Kong
Well Christchurch is out of action consequent to damage from the earthquake I believe.

I think most people's concern with this tour is that the Ashes will be contested in Australia some eight months later. And with the increasing cost of flights, trip durations and a strong AUD/NZD, for most, one of these tours will have to give.
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first timer
Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 11:49 on 8th Dec 2011

Joined: 15:25 on 1st Jul 2008
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Location: Swindon
Totally agree about Oz & NZ being close together, and it being a case of either or.

But it is a no brainer for me, did Oz last year & will be doing NZ in 2013.

Just as a final point, I met a chap on my first tour who was in his 70's and he was in the process of completing his set of seeing England play in every major test playing nation on earth, including Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

He told me NZ was 'head and shoulders' the best place to watch England play cricket.

High praise indeed ?
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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 13:16 on 8th Dec 2011

Joined: 12:48 on 25th Apr 2008
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I'll be doing a couple of tests. Just had a glance at the last tour in 2008,a couple of 20/20s,5th and 7th of Feb.5 ODI's, Feb 9th -23rd. Then 3 tests,Mar 5th-9th,13th -17th and 22nd -26th. The tests were in Hamilton,Wellington and Napier.
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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 15:01 on 8th Dec 2011

Joined: 12:04 on 18th Jun 2008
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Location: Mansfield
Likewise with both Oz & NZ same year, I'm leaning more to NZ - Although been Oz twice, still got so much more to see but NZ is a new place, so have to be this one, Camper Van between tests I quite fancy
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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 09:58 on 9th Dec 2011

Joined: 09:51 on 9th Dec 2011
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I'm living in NZ and happy to help wherever I can. Few pieces of advice:

Test Matches are the best to attend - will be on cricket grounds, one dayers on rugby ground and aren't worth it. Tests will be at Wellington, Napier, Hamilton and or Potentially back at Eden Park Auckland (ground for the rugby world cup final).

You can drive between all of them and well worth a trip - if you are going to be doing Ashes later in the year, like me, NZ can still be done on a budget you might just need to keep off the beers all day as that can get dear - you're looking at around 4 quid a pint at the moment. Camp ground, backpackers etc are cheap

Ask away and I'll try and answer - my first Barmy Army Away was NZ in 97 and been here since 2005 - will be doing NZ Ashes and Lions tour in 2013 - saving up already
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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 20:26 on 9th Dec 2011

Joined: 22:13 on 23rd Apr 2008
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Location: Redditch/Sydney
I hope Eden Park doesn't get one, I felt it was the worst ground I went to during the Rugby World Cup, and that included Scotland v Georgia in a wet Invercargill (which I liked ;) ) Saying that, crowds at a test match will be nowhere near that of a RWC game in Auckland!!!
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mersey park
Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 12:45 on 10th Dec 2011

Joined: 15:36 on 3rd Nov 2011
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friends of ours have told us Eden Park has got a test they are members of the club and have already had the nod,so they think its( in no order ) auckland-wellington and one other alas no dates at present.
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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 21:32 on 11th Dec 2011

Joined: 18:47 on 30th May 2008
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Location: convict colony
NZ was a great tour in 2008 - only got to do Wellington test but for me and many others it was our first England away win, the victory party in the Courteney Place was superb!

Not surprised that seasoned tourists rate the tour so highly, friendly locals (not like in Australia), decent beer, grass banks etc..

The tour can certainly be done on a budget. The YHA in Wellington was approx NZ$20 per night last time around for a shared dorm room and everything was within reasonable walking distance.

Had hoped to do all 3 tests this time around but it will be 2 months after my honeymoon and could be a tough sell to the new Mrs Expat. Working on it already though. definatley there for at least one.
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Post subject: Re: Tests
PostPosted: 03:48 on 12th Dec 2011

Joined: 03:13 on 8th Mar 2009
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Auckland Eden Park Confirmed.


The Wellington Basin Reserve is guaranteed to get one, and I did read somewhere that the Dunedin University Oval, will also get an England Test in 2013.
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