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Post subject: Re: Sorted
PostPosted: 14:17 on 2nd Jul 2013

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Well it's happened now, I'm not exactly gonna tell her how she could have done it, she has really helped me out and it seems like she spent a fair bit of time doing it for me and seemed quite stressed about it too. I'm happy with the positions of the seats she got me and will just take the £27 hit.
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Post subject: Re: Sorted
PostPosted: 01:20 on 3rd Jul 2013

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bishbash Wrote:
skibs, i'll be here at the SCG:

Friday 3/1 - Bay 13 row P seat 1 ($55)

Saturday 4/1 Bay 12 row W seat 2 ($55)

Sunday 5/1 Family day - general admission Bay 4 row H - seats 1-5 ($50)

Monday 6/1 - Bay 14 row L seat 8 ($55)

on my own Fri, Sat and Mon.

Does anyone buy 5th day tickets in australia, or just pay at the gate on the day.

I guess I will see on Monday 6th then as I am Bay 14, Row M, Seat 8!
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Post subject: Re: Sorted
PostPosted: 05:34 on 3rd Jul 2013

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no day 5 tickets sold.....only if the game goes five days and then you buy them at the ground....from memory of Sydney last time. Adelaide was same.
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Post subject: Re: Sorted
PostPosted: 03:36 on 9th Jul 2013

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whiteensign Wrote:
Unless they're releasing more tickets, it looks like Adelaide is almost completely sold out!!!!

Obviously can't say for sure but I reckon the allocation for these pre sales was relatively small and they've held the bulk back for general release.

Makes sense, they sold the ACF tickets at a discount and if they keep the numbers small so they sell out fast it will create a panic and buying frenzy for full priced tickets on the 17th General release date.

I just can't imagine that most Australian's that will go to the cricket will be that organised or motivated to jump on these tickets this quickly, not in large numbers anyway.

Of course I could be very wrong and we won't know for sure until the 17th when we all wade in.
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