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Post subject: Sydney Fan Zone
PostPosted: 22:23 on 18th Jul 2013

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My friends and I will be there for the Melbourne and Sydney tests, however, we missed out on days 1 & 2 Sydney. Non of us have ever been and were wondering if there were any fan zones where we could watch the match on these days or should we just find a good pub?
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Post subject: Re: Sydney Fan Zone
PostPosted: 08:39 on 19th Jul 2013

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You'll get tickets mate. Just be patient, keep an eye on this forum and politely enquire at the various pubs, hostels, Barmy Army HQ's etc over in Oz. between now and the Test I am certain you will get offered a ticket. You and your mates may not initially get tickets sat together but just buy them and move during the day as seats become free so you end up sat together

Otherwise, I don't recall fan zones before but definitely pubs galore showing the match

Good luck
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Post subject: Re: Sydney Fan Zone
PostPosted: 09:54 on 19th Jul 2013

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I have a pair of tickets for Days 1 and 2 of the Sydney Test that I'm selling at face value. The only downside is they're in the Dry Zone (Bay 32) but I believe you can still get beers if you walk round to the other sections (happy to be corrected though!)

Tickets are on Row V, Seats 1 & 2 for days 1 & 2. If you're interested, drop me a mail on

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