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Post subject: Phone SIM cards
PostPosted: 12:03 on 14th Nov 2013

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Apologies if this has already been covered in another thread...

Guess many people will be looking for a pay as you go SIM card for Aus. Do any expats or otherwise know what network is cheapest/best coverage etc.? For me specifically would probably make a few calls (hostel reservations etc.) but mainly use for 3G Internet. Do you need particular ID or a local address to buy one?

Also, on a purely selfish personal note I have an O2 locked iPhone 3GS. Will this work with any Australian SIM cards, does anyone know?

Joe P
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Post subject: Re: Phone SIM cards
PostPosted: 12:44 on 14th Nov 2013

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If you can get your phone unlocked then it might be worth you getting a pay as you go SIM card for 3 Mobile here in the UK. You can then use that SIM card very cheaply in Oz, e.g. 3p per min for calls back to the UK. You can also use unlimited 3G in Oz for free if you add the appropriate booster to your SIM card here in the UK.
Otherwise I suppose an Oz SIM card will have to do
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Post subject: Re: Phone SIM cards
PostPosted: 14:01 on 14th Nov 2013

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You've got three main options.

1) Get a sim card here in the UK before you travel, which will allow you to get some good rates in Oz. Toggle offer great, cheap sims and three pay as you go is one of the cheapest UK based sim cards you can use. Note, romaing charges for Three have been abolished for some certain plans so that could be worth looking into.

You'll probably need to contact O2 who will give you a code which will allow you to use a sim from another provider in your phone if the sim is locked.

2) Get a cheap sim card and basic phone when you're out there. All of the major airports across Oz have outlets for the main phone companies, which will allow you to pick something up before you move on.

3) Stay as you are. You can strip the data settings on your phone so you won't get charged for data romaing costs, very easy to do within your phone's settings. You can send texts and make calls as per normal (think it's 40p per text and 80p per minute for calls with O2), you just won't be able to use the internet unless you can find wifi, which is of course free. Good tip is to just have your phone turned off and switch it on when you need to use it.
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Post subject: Re: Phone SIM cards
PostPosted: 19:13 on 14th Nov 2013

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Yes mate, this was discussed before: ... =36&t=7867

I had an iphone on O2 and all it takes is a call to get it unlocked. Its free and takes up to 2 days. Once that's done you can just put any SIM card in it whether it be from Australia or anywhere else. The 3 option mentioned is great value as you can get a monthly sim here in the UK and for just a £12 rolling monthly fee you get unlimited internet, 200 mins and loads of texts and you can use this allowance for free in Australia (and a handful of other countries). I suspect you may be out of luck though as the rules are you have to have the sim for 60 days before they'll activate it to use abroad (hence I snapped this deal up a couple of months ago!)

I have heard of people sweet talking 3 into waiving that rule though so is an option.

Either way, call O2 and unlock your phone (its free and they are obliged to do it) and then you can use whatever sim you choose
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Post subject: Re: Phone SIM cards
PostPosted: 13:30 on 15th Nov 2013

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The 3 deal is a good one, but bear in mind that with their sim only contracts there is a 60 registration period before you can access the data roaming.

I've been told that Telstra offer the best coverage down under? I did a quick check and you can get a loaded payg sim for around 30AUD. This is probably what I will go with as I'd like to be able to acces data whenever I want over there instead of hopping from McDonalds to McDonalds to access their free wifi?! ;)

Again you will need to make sure your phone is unlocked.

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Post subject: Re: Phone SIM cards
PostPosted: 21:47 on 15th Nov 2013

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Minhosa Wrote:

I've been told that Telstra offer the best coverage down under?

They do, but are also by far the most expensive. For anyone just travelling to the capital cities for the tests then coverage wont be an issue and any carrier will do. Where Telstra really win out is in regional areas, so if you are planing on travelling off the beaten track between tests then yeah, Telstra is definitely your best option.
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