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Post subject: Re: My experiences of travelling with the Barmy Army to Sydney
PostPosted: 15:09 on 26th Jan 2014

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Thanks or the full and informative answer, as for the tickets second batch go on 1/2/14, the rest I will read as much as possible and cuff on arrival, noted hotel and bar thanks again
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Post subject: Re: My experiences of travelling with the Barmy Army to Sydney
PostPosted: 14:18 on 26th Jan 2014

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We flew to Chitters from Dhaka as there was no availability on the train the day we arrived, Knackered after a shitty, dry Kuwait flight, it was a cheap quick option at £40. The train back was dead straightforward, setting off from opposite the Asian SR, bags of room in air con coach despite most people travelling back that way, about £3-4 if memory serves, about 10hrs.
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Post subject: Re: My experiences of travelling with the Barmy Army to Sydney
PostPosted: 18:42 on 3rd Feb 2014

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mrmatt Wrote:
So, this is my experiences of travelling with the Barmy Army to Sydney for the 5th Test of the Ashes.

In short, I’m not a happy camper (at least not for the purposes of this post that’s not because of the result!).

I don’t know about everyone else who went, but I felt we got incredibly poor value for money. Let me expand on this.

A friend and I went together, sharing a hotel room. Between us, we paid almost £3,000 including the upgrade to the ‘Superior’ hotel option. That is approximately $5,500 AUD (approximate due to exchange rate fluctuations etc).

Having chatted with some Aussies (I know I know!!) who sat near us at the SCG, I got a pretty good feel for what they paid for their tickets. It seemed that if I were to budget $100AUD per person per day, you’d get change. So, That’s $1,000 AUD on tickets leaving the Barmy Army the thick end of $4,500AUD for accommodation and everything else.

Of course I’m aware that they’re not a charity and have to make money, however this really is taking the piss. The Metro Hotel on Pitt Street is fine for one night that you may pay £70 for - I have stayed in nicer TravelLodges. For the thick end of £200 a night however, I expect a lot more. I was terribly disappointed.

(the above prices are all assuming Joe Bloggs is booking this stuff without bulk rates/kick backs etc)

Not only that, but it appears that we’re now being shafted by them on the refund with regards to the 4th and 5th day (see below)

They sent me an e-mail asking for feedback on the experience and this was my reply:

In your e-mail requesting feedback, you state “we hope the whole experience was like no other”. That is certainly correct - never before have I booked a holiday or trip of any sort where afterwards I feel that my pants have been pulled so far down and without any KY Jelly either!

You then go on to ask for “feedback on how we can improve your experience for the next time”. Now, as it stands at the moment, it’s a given that I won’t be travelling with the Barmy Army again - believe it or not, I don’t appreciate being shafted. However, I’ll humour you and respond on the assumption that I’m happy to get raped on price.

Your ‘tour’ that was booked with us was incredibly poor value for money. Between my friend and I, we spend almost £3,000 with you (or somewhere in the region of $5,500 AUD depending on exchange rate). If you allow $100 per ticket per day for the cricket, that leaves $4,500 AUD for the hotel. Our ‘Superior’ hotel was worth somewhere in the region of $1,500AUD for that period…funnily enough exactly what they charge the room out at to the great unwashed (not taking into account what price you’re buying it at with a group/bulk discounts).

Now, I appreciate you have to make a profit, but that really is taking the piss…especially as you offer terrible value for money to your customers.

Now, to add further insult to injury, now we’re back home, you’re trying to screw us further! What do I mean by this? Well, in your e-mail you state that we’re entitled to a refund of 65% of the face value of the ticket for the fourth day and nothing for the fifth day. However, the National Refund Policy for 2013/2014 that you sent all of us on 9th December 2013 actually implies that we’re entitled to a full (100%) refund for the fourth and fifth day of the match. Why is this different? FYI, Section 2 (d) (i) of that National Refund Policy. I also wonder which type of ticket we had…I assume from the questionable seating we have either Silver or Bronze which again highlights the shocking value for money we received from the Barmy Army.

Would I travel with the Barmy Army again? Would I fuck...unless they provide copious amounts of KY to go with it!

Anyone else think the same and feel that this is/was one hell of a piss take?

FFS it's a business, not a charity, of course you'll pay over the odds a little!!!
I have a funny feeling, the hotels used are governed by Cricket Australia (they were for 2010/11 tour) as part of the tickets/accommodation package!!!
The grievance over the ticket refund I can fully understand though!!!!

Note to self - Travel independently in future, just book your flight, maybe accommodation (I always do, but some like the thrill of landing in some crazy place after a long flight and then having to find something) and maybe get some tickets if you can, otherwise wait until you get there and get some!!! Even in Oz, I couldn't even give tickets away in Sydney and a mate of mine from back in the RN days was over on holiday, not really bothered about the cricket so I arranged to meet in Adelaide, the first day he arrived he text to say he's sorted himself out for tickets!!! To easy ;)
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