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Cuthbert Rizla
Post subject: Guess who this is ?
PostPosted: 22:18 on 6th Feb 2014

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" I have now realised that for the majority of the past year I did not enjoy playing cricket. For a number of years I was able to play under the radar, get on with my job and nobody noticed me.

Other players took the headlines. But after a consistent few years ended with a good tour of New Zealand, I was suddenly pushed to the forefront.

With that comes a huge amount of expectation. I did not deal with that as well as I should have. I put too much pressure on myself to go out and perform. I built every innings up into a massive event, whereas before my great skill was keeping things simple and uncomplicated. "

This is Matt Prior today writing four hours after his first net back in Blighty with Graham Gooch.

And it's pyscho-babble.

Exactly the sort of sports pyschiatry/motivational speaking/64-page quinona and organic blueberry diet nonsense which has overtaken this England squad bloated with backroom staff and hangers-on.

So Matty I'll keep it simple. You're a wicket-keeper and middle-order batsman at the fag end of your career, If you want to get back into contention spend less time on your bike and more in the day job - crouched down behind the stumps stopping balls.

And the feller doing throw-downs and not the one spouting mumbo-jumbo is your best friend.

Remember,you won't find Brad Haddin spouting all this bollocks.And he has had a lot more on his plate in his private life recently. Maybe that's why he performed so much better than you this winter.

www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/cricket/inter ... -team.html
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