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Post subject: Re: Peter moores new head coach
PostPosted: 19:15 on 22nd Apr 2014

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fernando Wrote:
Marine45 Wrote:
fernando Wrote:
blueandy1mac Wrote:
As I've said previously, mixed emotions about the appointment, mainly from a selfish Lancastrian point of view :oops:
Hopefully he will be as successful as he was with Sussex and ourselves (in the main) and we can move on from the recent calamities.
The relief that AG didn't get it, and that all the facets of the game will come back to be under the head coaches control are a major step forward. It will be interesting to see who really is going to be number two, and how that delegation of responsibility will actually work, if the media stories are correct.
Onward and upwards.

(Bit disappointed I didn't even get an interview after the level of support I've had on here)

I wouldn't have given you a hope Mac,i would have gone for that Maroon 5 fellar:)

You can't spell it Funando and it would way out of your reach as a man.
Funny but Mac
and I was telling you straight you dick Nandi

I was just takin the piss out yer name pal,and you fell for it,TIT.
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