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Post subject: Disgusted by the lottery of SCCC Oval Ashes Ballot
PostPosted: 01:28 on 8th Dec 2012

Joined: 10:58 on 27th Jul 2010
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They brought in a ballot this year. Why? Publicity and to attract desperate sponsors. Upshot? A lottery that advantages chancers and disadvantages those fans who had bought tickets with SCCC before and had previously therefore gained priority. So, yes, I entered the ballot, and no, I didn't get a ticket. For these charlatans to repeatedly suggest Surrey membership as a way through this fiasco, well no thanks! I have principles!

By the way, Barmy Army, why your own lottery for the Oval? Why not give real fans a chance like every other exclusive event - ie, get online and be quick? Not happy - it all seems a bit opportunistic and quite disrespectful.
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Post subject: Re: Disgusted by the lottery of SCCC Oval Ashes Ballot
PostPosted: 19:58 on 14th Dec 2012

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I've now entered the Lords ballot now, in the hope of getting something!! The only problem is, you can only apply for 2 per person and there's 4 of us now going. I'm ok as the main objective of the trip (flying back from HMP Australia) for me is to see family and friends, and I suppose the misses is being with me, but her friend and my mate from cricket have booked to watch the cricket!!!! So until January, we won't know if we have tickets for Lords or not!!! Why don't the ECB do what the Football Association do and take charge of all these ticket sales, that way you can have a really cheap membership and you could get points per day you go to (talking the less popular home series here) and then when the big ones like the ashes come along they can have a system where priority is given to those with the most points.....
At the moment with each venue doing their own ticket sales arrangements it's becoming a bit of a farce!!!

On a lighter note, after waiting for 2 hours in a queue online for Trent Bridge tickets, we got what we wanted ;)
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