18 Jan 2017

Cross Continental Madness - A letter to the Barmy Army

Cross Continental Madness - A letter to the Barmy Army

Our adventurous coast to coast challenge involves crossing from the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean by bike, raft, kayak and foot


In February 2017, I am walking across North America with 14 other crazy people - with a little cycling, rafting and kayaking to reduce the total time, a completely non-motorised crossing of the continent (albeit in Costa Rica where it is a little skinnier than other parts of the land mass) - and in my case I will be wearing cricket pads every step of the way!


The idea came from a bet I had with an Australian Michelin starred chef (Liam) who took part in the Mt Kili cricket game in 2014. We had a bet between us as to who would win the home Ashes Series in 2015, with Australia heavy favourites in the press. Liam favoured walking across North America if England won, whilst I promised to swim between two continents if Australia won. I am not quite sure how I came to share Liam's forfeit after that devastating spell by Broad at Trent Bridge sealed our win!


We are hoping to match the 190,000GBP we raised on Mt Kili Madness, and would really appreciate your support.


If I have managed to tempt you to make a donation, you can click here.


Or if you prefer (and I know some people don't like clicking on links for security reasons) please go to the website www.crosscontinentalmadness.com (copy and paste this into your search bar) and go through to the donation page from there.


Cancer continues to need research, and the people at Cancer Research are doing a great job - it might be too late for some (a really close friend of mine was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour earlier this year, and she is just one of many examples I know who have had the bad news this year), but each breakthrough helps improve the chances of those unlucky enough to get the disease. I know it seems that almost every day someone is asking for sponsorship - and nothing ever changes. Well, do you remember the annoying ice bucket challenge a couple of summers ago, and how it was all to raise money for ALS? As a direct result of the ice bucket fundraising, scientists identified a gene linked to the disease, which could lead to new treatment possibilities. The Institute of Cancer Research published an extensive new strategy "to defeat cancer" this year, in which it explained that innovative treatments, including immunotherapy, made outsmarting it a real possibility, if we raise enough money!


I really thank you in advance for your support in this - it means a huge amount to me, and to everyone affected by Cancer.

All the best


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