16 Oct 2018

Introducing Barmy Army Clubs

Introducing Barmy Army Clubs

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce our latest initiative: Barmy Army Clubs. We’re looking to give a helping hand to 10 local clubs through event management, partnerships, and kit deals. I’ve put together a rundown of everything the package offers its members, and all you need to do to apply is email me at alex@barmyarmy.com. Just add a couple of lines to the email explaining why you think your club deserves to be picked, and why you would benefit from our help!

Firstly, joining our “Barmy Army Club” programme will make you one of our partners, and that means you’ll receive an enormous amount of help when running your events. It can be almost impossible sometimes for clubs to find the time to run events, whether that’s a full-club match versus the Barmy Army playing XI or an end of season gathering. Essentially, we can help by running the event for you and taking everything on ourselves. We have over 20 years of experience in this field, and can take the stress associated with organising your club’s events away completely. All we ask is that you get at least 60 people to attend, and we’ll do the rest.

We should also emphasise that we’re open to helping with any kind of event. We’ll organise a curry night with Tuffers, or we can use our connections with Lashings to help you meet (and even play against) international stars of days gone by. Fancy telling Tino to mind the windows? Let us know!


Sponsorship is an important aspect of any club’s revenue, and it’s something we’re also able to provide through this initiative. Successful applicants will receive £150 per year per 10 Barmy Army members associated with their club, but that’s not all. We’ll also promote the club via our Facebook and Twitter pages (128K likes and 102K followers respectively), bolstering the awareness of your club in the local area and encouraging new members. We’ll also push events such as the CricketForce weekend, to be sure you’ve got plenty of helpers along for your pre-season preparations.


Kit range
The third and final element of our new feature is our “BA Performance” range: a high-quality, yet affordable, range of kit for club cricketers. It can be incredibly difficult to provide every player at local clubs with matching kit and training gear, for the simple reason that most manufacturers are too expensive. Successful applicants to our club package will be able to take the field in full, matching whites, and turn up to games looking like a team in complete training gear. Looking the part is just as important as being able to play, after all …


So, that’s events management, sponsorship, and a well-priced kit range you’ll have access to, and applying really couldn’t be easier.

As mentioned up above, all you need to do to apply is email alex@barmyarmy.com with a few lines about why your club should get the nod. We’ll then whittle down the contestants until we have a final list of ten, and successful applicants will be notified. We’re expecting a big response, so be sure to get your application in early to avoid missing out.

We can’t emphasise enough what a great opportunity this is. Get in touch as soon as you can, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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