New Zealand 2013 - Beige vs. Barmy

During the upcoming tour to New Zealand we have arranged a series of matches against the Beige Brigrade. The matches will take place the day before each test match in the host city.

Beige vs. Barmy If you are interested in representing the Barmy Army in any or all of these matches then please get in touch with Jock letting him know which game or games you are available for, and an idea of what you do (batsman, spinner, dibbly dobbly etc) and at what standard.

After a successful series against the Aussies in 2010/11 we're keen to be competitive again, but more importantly have a great time and enjoy the after match parties at our various HQ's.


5th March, 4pm start Dunedin.
13th March, 4pm start Wellington.
21st March, 4pm start Auckland.