29 Oct 2018

Barmy Army Cricket Club

Barmy Army Cricket Club

Another day, another initiative! This time, it’s our very own Barmy Army Cricket Club we’re talking about, but there’s a catch (intentional cricket pun). Essentially, our aim is to create the first ever viral cricket club.

Viral, for those that aren’t aware, doesn’t refer to anything medical in this case. Here, it refers more generally to something that spreads (specifically, something that spreads online). Check out the story of “Hashtag United” on Youtube if you’re still confused. There’s also a good piece on BBC Sport that profiles the guys at the centre of it.

We’re looking to emulate these guys in some ways, but obviously with an upgrade in the sport being played. You could be a part of it, too. Kicking things off with a game against TalkSport in Sri Lanka, the plan is to take that much, much further next summer. We’ve got a 5-match series against the Aussies scheduled to run alongside this summer’s Ashes, while we’re also running several fixtures alongside high profile World Cup games in the months leading up to it.

The plan
Every game will be filmed and feature commentators, with helmet cams providing a great insight into what it’s actually like to play in one of these games. Better still, though, is the fact that you could be playing in these fixtures for real.

We’re looking for cricketers of a decent standard to become a part of our regular starting XI. While we can almost guarantee that there will be celebrity appearances, the focus of Barmy Army CC will be on amateur cricket and personalities within the non-professional game. We all know that Moeen’s a bit of a joker and that Nathan Lyon loves a chirp, but what about Baz, the archetypal 17-stone opening batsman who “deals exclusively in boundaries”?

On a mildly more serious note, we do want the cricket we play to be of a high standard, and we want to compete with all of the sides we play against. We will travel up and down the country and, while we will always welcome locals for a one-off appearance, we’d love to hear from people who want to become regular starters.

If that sounds like you, then please do get in touch. We might struggle to fly you out to Sri Lanka at such short notice, but next summer’s games are definitely an option.

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