13 Nov 2018

Barmy Army Lifetime Membership

Barmy Army Lifetime Membership

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce a new Barmy Army membership for 2019: Lifetime Membership.

Essentially, the Lifetime Membership is there to reward our most faithful, enthusiastic members, saving them money in the long run and time more immediately. For a one-off payment of £285, our lifetime members can enjoy a membership that never runs out. Rather than us have you renew your membership every year, send you irritating auto renewal emails, and require you to set up a direct debit, you’ll be in the Barmy Army for good!

The benefits are exactly the same for a Lifetime Member as they are for a First Class one, the big difference being the convenience levels. You’ll receive priority access to Hall of Fame events in 2019, and all tickets* in England (excluding Lord’s), and you’ll also get an exclusive, GOLD membership card. Instead of having to go through the process for that year in, year out, however, you’ll be able to make one payment to us and reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

This really is useful for anyone who’s been with us a long time, and who plans on staying a member of the Barmy Army for years to come. The convenience of a Lifetime Membership, both financially and practically, makes it a great option for anyone who’s confident they’ll be touring with us for a fair few years.

Contact andy@barmyarmy.com if you’d like to hear more about our new Lifetime Membership – we’ll be more than happy to talk you through it all in a bit more detail.

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